Is Viotek A Good Brand?

If you have been searching for a new gaming monitor recently, you should be familiar with all the big branded names that are often recommended: ASUS, Samsung, Gigabyte, Pixio, etc.

But you may have noticed that some gaming monitors sold by a brand called Viotek are being sold for a way more affordable price – but are they legit? With so many brands out there and so many gaming monitors being sold for hundreds of dollars, it seems that finding a high quality brand that sells good monitors for affordable prices is too good to be true.

Or is it?

If you want to find out if it is a good idea to purchase a Viotek gaming monitor (or any of their other products), then we have all the answers and recommendations for you here.

Is Viotek A Good Brand

Who Are Viotek?

Viotek is a relatively new company, having only really gained traction around 2018 and 2019. Since then, they have been growing in popularity and have begun to sell their products on other websites like Amazon as well as their own. They were originally based in Korea, but now have offices in the US and production facilities in China.

As for the company’s philosophy, Viotek claims to be a company that aims to be something different and is dedicated to making the best products for the best price. They claim to be eco-friendly, with a team dedicated to research and development, and say that they aim to meet their own very high standards.

Viotek is known for its gaming monitors as that is their biggest selling product, but they also sell portable monitors and ultrawide monitors too. They are still quite a new company, so it is possible that Viotek will expand and sell other kinds of products in the future, but for now they have stuck to monitors for PCs and gaming.

As far as brands go, Viotek are not all that well established. They have a website that you can buy their products from and that’s about it. There is not much information about the company itself out there (other than the values and dedications they claim to follow on their own website) so it is understandable that a lot of customers may be cautious buying from such a niche company.

However, all companies have to start somewhere – so does it look like Viotek will be the next upcoming gaming monitor manufacturer?

Viotek And Their Products

Like with every other company out there, you are going to hear both good things and bad things about Viotek. This can make it difficult to divide the actually pretty good companies from the rotten ones without actually having to buy their products and decide for yourself. So here are our thoughts on some of Viotek’s products – mainly their gaming monitors.

First up, we have to talk about the price. The low cost of Viotek’ monitors is why a lot of heads are starting to get turned by this brand. After all, if they produce good quality gaming monitors for a much lower price than some of the other more popular brands, why would you waste your money on a monitor that is pretty much the same?

Viotek sells a lot of monitors that vary in price, but they are often more affordable than the counterparts sold by bigger companies like Samsung. When it comes to price, they cannot be beaten – but do they hold up when it comes to quality and performance?

Unfortunately, if you are looking for really high end and amazing gaming monitors and screens – Viotek is not the best company to go with. A lot of their monitors have washed out colors so games appear less vibrant when shown on these monitors.

The images are also not as sharp and generally just appear to be lower quality than when compared to monitors from other gaming monitor manufacturers.

But the thing is – you get what you pay for with these kinds of products, and if you are just looking for an overall good monitor that functions, then by all means go with Viotek. It will save you a lot of money but you won’t be receiving a product that is as high in quality compared to the other big name brands like ASUS.

Viotek’s monitors look professional as they are sleek and slim. They are made from sturdy materials (although the stands they come with could be upgraded to something stronger) and the refresh rates sometimes even outshines its competitors.

However, to get this higher refresh rate, remember that you may have to enable it in the settings as their monitors are often advertised as a refresh rate that they do not perform when first taken out of the box. Make sure you choose this higher refresh rate in the settings because you won’t get it naturally when you first fire your Viotek monitor up.

Overall, their products seem to be quite good quality but the color and vibrancy is not as strong as their competitors. For a lot of professional gamers, this will be a make or break feature, but if you are not, then it may not be that big of a deal to you.

Our Verdict

The good news is that Viotek is a legit company.

No, you won’t order one of their products and never receive then find out you were scammed out of hundreds of dollars. If you buy one of their products, you will get it. They are not a fake company or a scam – Viotek is a real company that sells real monitors.

As for their products, they are quite good when you consider the price. They look amazing and perform just as a gaming monitor should – it is just a shame they are not as vibrant when compared to their competitors.

If you want the full gaming experience with a high-tech monitor, then we would not recommend you to get your gaming monitor from Viotek. You will only end up disappointed – but if you are a gamer with a budget who is not too bothered by a little lack of color or brightness, and you just want a good functioning monitor to play your games on?

We say go for it.

For those low prices, Viotek is able to bring gaming to a lot of people who can’t afford to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on one piece of gaming equipment. Their gaming monitors are a great cheaper alternative to some of the bigger competitors, even if they are just not as high quality.

So is Viotek a good brand?

We think so – they may not be the best, but they are certainly decent.

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