How to Play VR Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the biggest games to ever exist. With unlimited creativity, the game is phenomenal. When it comes to completing the game, it takes a long time – and even then, the game never really finishes!

If you’ve decided to enhance your experience with a VR headset, then you may find the game similar to when you first started. 

Simple tasks are harder again. Even a straightforward thing like building your first house can seem as hard as battling against The Wither for the first time.

Whether you’re a bit of a noob or a hardcore master, we all need a helping hand sometimes. Here’s how to craft, build and mine your way through the Minecraft VR experience.

How to Play VR Minecraft

What Is Minecraft For VR?

Minecraft VR is a version of the game specifically made to be played using VR headsets. The VR headset creates the sense of surroundings that you don’t get with your standard console or PC version of the game. With 360-degrees worth of vision, you’re able to dive into the game and make it a reality. 

Available to use on Bedrock Edition, exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and Windows 10 versions of the game, you can even customize your texture packs to make your gaming experience even more fun!

How To Play Minecraft For VR

First of all, you’ll need to make sure you have the VR version of the game downloaded. If you have the full game already then this will be available to you as a free extension. 

When loading up Minecraft VR for the first time you will be given a choice of two control options: classic controls and the recommended VR controls. 

Although these are a set combination of controls, you can customize individual aspects to suit your gaming needs. You can do this in the pause menu, under the ‘options’ tab. From here you enter the ‘controls’ section and customize it to your satisfaction.

At the end of the day, there are no correct combinations for your controls, it all revolves around how you want to play and what suits you best. In Minecraft for PlayStation, the only way to move and use your controls is to use your PlayStation controller or your PC/laptop keyboard.

Although the game is a different version, the only difference, when it comes to the actual gameplay, is the way you see the game. The controls only differ by the sensitivity of your looking around. With the headset, the sensitivity is however quickly you can turn your head.

However, with the controller, you can adjust the sensitivity to suit your gaming style. You’ll be able to change the sensitivity for both the horizontal and the vertical directions separately, making it easy to shape your game around your needs.

Default Controls For PlayStation

When it comes to the default controls for PlayStation, the basics include X to jump, double-tap X to fly, circle to drop the item in your hand, square to bring up the crafting menu, and triangle to bring up your inventory. 

To hit or mine an object, simply press or hold R2 respectively. To place an object, or to open an appliance like a crafting table or a chest, use the L2 button. The R1 and L1 buttons are used to scroll right and left through your inventory hotbar, respectively.

To run, double-tap the left stick, or L3, forwards. To crouch, push down on R3, also known as the right analog stick. 

When it comes to using a sword, R2 is used to swipe and attack, with L2 used to block enemy attacks, unless holding a shield. 

Default Controls For PC

Controls are of course a bit different with PC gaming. When it comes to moving around, there are no analog sticks. The ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, and ‘D’ keys are used to move in the direction assigned to each button. To jump, use the spacebar, or double-tap to fly. 

For placing and breaking blocks, the mousepad’s left and right buttons are used, with the mouse scroll used to rotate through your inventory hotbar. When it comes to running, the default key used is the left control on the keyboard.

To run, simply hold the left-hand ‘ctrl’ key and the ‘W’ key. Then use the mouse to look in which direction you’d like to run. To crouch, hold the shift key.

The left button on the mouse can also be used to attack other entities, with the right button being used to block. To open a chest or to interact with features like enchanting tables, use the left button on your mouse.

What Does It Feel Like To Play Minecraft With VR?

Anyone who has played video games with a VR headset can tell you that some games feel a lot smoother than others. Some VR experiences can feel clunky and feel more like you’re seeing the game through the camera of a machine.

However, Minecraft is the complete opposite. You’re not playing the game, you ARE the game. 

Everything that happens to your character, feels like it’s happening to you. If a Creeper blows up behind you, the anticipation and the fear of losing your inventory is real.

Often with games, you don’t get the feeling of being connected to what you’re playing. When you create your world and make it unique to any other, you need that connection to keep you having fun.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Minecraft VR, it’s similar enough to the original game, that if you’re good at Minecraft then you’ll be able to adjust to seeing the world through your own eyes. The controls are relatively similar, apart from how to look around and the sensitivity of turning your head.

The gaming experience feels completely different, despite the controls being the same. You feel so much more in touch and connected to your Minecraft world, that no biome or house you build will ever look the same again. Minecraft never looked so good!

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