How To Mod Skyrim VR

Fus Ro Dah! Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is possibly one of the greatest video games ever released – so it’s no surprise that the Bethesda geniuses continued to re-release it on different platforms and versions.

Introducing Skyrim VR. Because what better way to slay a dragon or shout at a draugr than with virtual reality?

However, we all know that Bethesda isn’t perfect. The amount of bugs in their games is nearly incalculable so that’s one of the reasons why the modders get involved. Bethesda finally relented and allowed mods on their console version of Skyrim – which was amazing!

How To Mod Skyrim VR

And then – Playstation brought out the VR version, later followed by PC. So, put together modding, VR and Skyrim – you get a recipe for greatness!

Modding is tough though, so many of us can get lost in how to do it. So, let’s restore our magika and take a health potion – this is how to mod Skyrim VR.

What Does Modding Mean?

A mod is a change or add-on that another person puts into a game that already exists. Some people would hail the modding community as the superheroes of the gaming world.

Mods can put things into the games, remove things from the games and change things to create whacky scenarios! In some instances, modders can even add missions/quests into games.

When it comes to Skyrim, modders might add weapons, armors, potions and shouts.

Modding VR Skyrim

The focus here is on the PC version of Skyrim. First, buy Skyrim VR – obviously. Next, you’ll want to run it and then quit. Here are the next steps:


  1. Install SKSE, this will allow your game to smoothly operate. After this, run the game through skse_launcher so you don’t run into any problems.
  2. Install a mod manager – for this example, we’ll be using Vortex.
  3. Consider which mods you’ll want to put in the game
  4. Install the mods into the game

What Is SKSE?

SKSE is an acronym for Skyrim Script Extension. This is a tool for modders that allows them to alter the scripting within Skyrim without removing any executable files that live on the disk – which means there won’t be any lasting damages.

As Skyrim often has updates or patches, SKSE usually requires updating or reinstalling anytime this happens.

Installing Your Mod Manager (Vortex)

You’ll need to start by visiting and then create a free account. The next step is to download Vortex.

Mod Management

You’ll see an area to search for games – you’ll of course want to look for Skyrim VR. You’ll then receive a pop-up for authorization. This will allow connection to your account – so click authorize.

This should be fine to continue, but you might run into a problem if the game is saved on a different drive. If so, go onto the tab for mods and find where Skyrim VR is saved. Click on this and then click apply to have this as your folder.

You’re now ready to start modding – but of course, this might be the difficult bit for some of you! Let’s take a look at what we have to do.

Time To Mod

It’s now time to get to the heart of what you’re looking for! It’s time to start modding.

So, what’s the next step?

Find The Mods

There are a multitude of places to find mods for Skyrim VR on the web. In all honesty, you’re probably better off just using Nexus – particularly if you’re new to the modding life.

It’s worth noting here that Vortex supports Skyrim VR and recognizes it as separate, but Nexus doesn’t.

Although this isn’t a problem. Skyrim VR in essence is just the VR version of the Special Edition of Skyrim, meaning any mod that you find on Nexus will work for Skyrim VR.

Installing The Mods

You’ll want to find the mods page and look for the files area, and then click mod manager download. Check your chosen mod first which will have a description – some mods require other mods for them to work properly.

Next, open your mod manager (Vortex in this example) and go to the area marked downloads. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see install. Click that and then click enable.

What Mods Could I Install?

Oh wow. There’s a whole host of mods to install for Skyrim. As you’re using the VR version, think of mods that might be even better through VR.

However, there are a few that most Skyrim players believe are essential to your play experience.

  • VRIK: This mod solves the problem that most VR games have – you’re simply a pair of hands. This mod will give you a full body!
  • HIGGS: This mod allows you to physically pick items up rather than having to seek your inventory for them.
  • VR FPS Stabilizer: The one thing that any modder will notice is that with the more mods you put into the game, the frame rate and overall game starts going a little haywire – this is especially true for consoles. While this mod can’t stop it, it can dramatically reduce the problem.
  • Be Seated: This allows the player to sit, sleep, and relax. May sound a little silly, but it does immerse you more into the VR version of the game.

There are then plenty of mods that will improve the scenery through the weather, the skies, the trees and the overall environment and location you’re in. Of course though, if you’re hoping for a funnier experience, you could include:

  • Project MLG: Any time your character dies, the song “Whatcha Say” by Jason Derulo plays.
  • Macho Dragon: Dragons are now Macho Man Randy Savage.
  • This Is Sparta: Replacing unrelenting force shout with “this is Sparta!” – it’s funny, but does wear off!
  • Thomas: Dragons are now Thomas The Tank Engine – a giant smiling train flying down in VR? Terrifying and hilarious!

We hope this guide has been useful for you! Happy modding traveler.

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