How To Mod Fallout 4 VR

War. War never changes. And neither does our love for Bethesda’s utterly classic Fallout series (well… from Fallout 3 anyway!).

The Fallout series has gripped fans for years, so when Fallout 4 finally dropped at E3, people lost their minds – and rightly so. The game was a hit, and while some fans can argue if Fallout lost its way from Fallout 4, they can’t deny it’s an amazing game.

The thing is, even the greatest games aren’t perfect, and that’s where the modding community steps in. Modding has saved our skins for a while now and it certainly enhances our gaming experience, whilst also fixing some irritating bugs that Bethesda don’t solve.

And our gaming experience is crucial, this is why we buy VR. VR enhances the immersion of the game whilst keeping the fundamentals intact.

So, if you’re sitting there wondering how I can Mod Fallout 4 VR – then you’re in the right place, because today – we’re going to answer this burning question for you. This is how to mod Fallout 4 VR. Grab a stimpack and let’s get started.

Getting Started

You’ll first want to purchase Fallout 4: VR. For this guide, we’re going to talk about the PC version. You’ll also want to download F4SE (Fallout 4 Script Extender) which is a resource for modders.

Next, you’ll want to install a mod manager, consider using Vortex for this. The next steps are below:

  1. Visit and create a free account if you haven’t already done so
  2. Search for the game you wish to mod, so here you’re looking for Fallout 4 VR
  3. You’ll then be asked to authorize the link to your nexus account, so you’ll want to click authorize
  4. Ensure where you’ve saved the game – if it’s elsewhere, you’ll need to find it through the mods tab, an example may look like:
  5. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FO4VR)
  6. Once you’ve found it, click the apply button and we’re ready to start modding your game

Wait – What’s A Mod Again?

A mod is a way that gamers can add, remove and change the scripting of games allowing things to be improved or to add a level of hilarious things to the game (imagine a super mutant that looks like Andre The Giant).

Mods have been developed for many years and to many, the modders are the guys that make the games playable, whereas to others, modders simply improve the gamers’ experience.

Bethesda is very well known for having multiple problems and bugs, and some people absolutely detest their environment textures and realism.

When somebody wants to play a VR game, mostly they’re wanting to boost the realism and immersion to the game, so improving the world you’re playing in to make it seem more real is entirely justified – and massively beneficial.

Finding Mods And Moving Forward

You’ll want to search for mods that work for you. Once you have, click the download with manager option. If anything appears on the screen that wants you to confirm, just click confirm.

You’ll now need to enter your mod manager (Vortex) and click the mod you’ve downloaded. Complete the installation and then load Fallout 4 VR from Vortex (or other mod manager).

Check The Load Order

Bethesda, much to the annoyance of most modders, will load mods in size sequence, meaning the lowest order will be loaded first.

If you haven’t checked this, you might find some trouble as some mods can cancel out other mods, whereas some mods require others to function properly.

So, it’s extremely important you check the load order. If something isn’t right, you’ll need to change the order.

Changing The Load Order

It will depend on which mod manager you’re using, but if it’s Vortex – you can alter it through there. As a PC user, you can use the tool LOOT which can change the load order.

What Are The Best Fallout 4 VR Mods?

So, now we’re ready to go – let’s have a look at some of the mods out there that you’ll definitely want to add to your Fallout 4 VR game.

Fallout 4: Optimization Project

If you ask anybody who has played Fallout 4 and modded the game, they will tell you that this mod is an absolute MUST have. It improves the performance of the game, improves certain textures and fixes irritating bugs.

Sim Settlement

This is the type of mod that saves you time. One of the funnest parts of Fallout 4 was breaking down and building new settlements, like the first one at Sanctuary.

The problem is, it is very time consuming and does get quite monotonous. In many ways, it’s irritating that you’re working away and none of your settlers are working – even though they complain!

Sturges seems to hammer away at a wall doing nothing, your settlers that work in stores seem to make no money!

This mod lets you place plots down for settlers to do what they will. While you’re away, the settlers will continue working and build a big city over time. So, while you’re out scavenging and trying to find Shaun – they’re constructing a new Rome!

Kabuto VR

This mod will really get your immersive experience going. Downloading this will place you within power armor (when you get some) and you’ll notice the HUD in front of your very eyes, as if you were wearing the helmet.

Smooth Movement VR

Without this mod, you’ll notice really annoying movements when you step outside. Downloading this app stabilizes your movement and makes it far more realistic.

The Final Note

There are of course, many, many more mods out there for your VR gaming pleasure. Search away via Nexus and play around with things. The more you mod, the more you’ll get used to the way it all works.

Remember, the more mods you load – the more likely it is for your game to malfunction or crash, although there are mods to help this.

Happy gaming!

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