How To Make Your Headphone Louder

Headphones have pretty much become an essential part of everyday life, especially for those that enjoy listening to music and watching videos, by themselves.

Headphones allow you to play sound while you’re out and about, or can’t have it out loud because there is someone else in the room. Plus, headphones offer a far more immersive experience, as the sound is…well, right in your ears! 

However, like everything, headphones can sometimes struggle, or have issues. One of the worst things is when you’re ready to relax and put something on, but your headphones are too quiet. What’s the point of wearing the headphones if the sound is not at a decent volume? 

Luckily, there are many different ways in which you can get your headphones to play the sound louder, so that you enjoy a better experience. And we’re going to tell you about them. 

Let’s get right into it! 

How To Make Your Headphone Louder

The 8 Best Ways Of Making Your Headphones Louder

Here are our top 8 favorite ways of making your headphones louder, most of them pretty easy and perfect as a quick solution: 

1. Adjust The Device Settings

In order to play sound, your headphones will be connected to a device, and sometimes making them louder is as easy as adjusting the volume on the device. This could be your phone, your laptop, or something else. 

By adjusting the volume, we don’t mean simply turning the volume up. We mean adjusting the volume settings of the device, and the volume that is allowed to go through the headphones. 

In some devices, you might also find that there is a limit on the volume, which you can remove to make the headphones a lot louder. However, we don’t recommend doing this unless absolutely necessary, as the limit is usually there for safety reasons (too loud would damage your hearing).

2. Adjust The Headphone Volume

Some headphones come pre-set with specific settings from the manufacturer, and these can include the volume. Make sure to check the manual of instructions, as there might be a way to up the volume on the headphones, that is separate from the volume levels of the device the headphones are connected to. 

Sometimes, these volume headphone settings will also allow you to enhance the volume to your liking, such as improving the bass, for example. 

3. Clean The Headphones Out

If your headphones usually work fine, but they suddenly start sounding very quiet, chances are that they are simply dirty. This is because they can accumulate oil, dust, wax, and more! And let’s face it, who remembers to regularly clean the headphones? Yeah, exactly. 

In order to clean your headphones, you can use some soap and water, soome hydrogen peroxide, a cleaning cloth, paper towels, and a dry (and clean) toothbrush. However, before you start you should check the manual of instructions for any guidelines on keeping the headphones clean. 

To actually clean them, remove the ear tips and soak them in warm soapy water. Then use a bud to clean the inner part of the headphones thoroughly, with hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to wipe everything clean, then dry with a soft cloth.

You can use the toothbrush for small delicate parts of the headphones. Just remember not to tip the headphones as a whole in water, as they will probably get damaged! 

4. Get A Headphone Amplifier

If your headphones aren’t loud enough, you could try installing an amplifier to make them louder. Plus, an amplifier will massively improve the quality of the sound. However, headphones can only hold a small amplifier, and even then, not all headphones are compatible. 

The best approach is to look for amplifiers made by the same manufacturer as your headphones, to ensure they are compatible. 

5. Download A Volume-increasing App Onto The Device

Nowadays, you can find apps for absolutely everything, some of them being incredibly convenient and helpful. There are some apps that can be installed onto the device that is connected to your headphones, and they will essentially increase the volume, as well as enhancing the quality of it to your specifications. 

Whether your device is Android or Apple, simply go onto the app store and search for one. There are many, so we recommend trying a few different ones out before deciding on one to use. 

6. Enhance The Volume With A Volume Mixer

If you’ve checked the volume levels on your headphone, and on the device, try checking the volume on the specific app that is playing the sound on the device. Make sure the volume mixer is set to the right specifications, and adjust as needed until you’re satisfied. 

7. Get better headphones:

This one is kind of an obvious solution, but at the end of the day, some headphones are limited in their capabilities and will simply be unable to give more. If this is the case, then you’ll be better off investing in a better set of headphones, so that you can properly enjoy the sound. 

8. Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker

If none of the solutions work, and you don’t really want to get another set of headphones…then our only last solution is to simply connect your device to a Bluetooth speaker, and play the sound from there. 

Sure, it won’t be as immersive as a headphone. However, the advantage of a Bluetooth speaker is that they are equally as portable, and there is less risk of damaging your ears and hearing! 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many different ways in which you can make your headphones louder.

Mainly, you just need to adjust the different volume settings, whether they are from the headphone, the device, or the apps in question. Alternatively, you can get an amplifier or download a volume enhancer.

However, the first thing you should check is whether your headphones are dirty or not, and ensure that you are maintaining them correctly with regular cleaning. 

And if all fails, you could always buy a new set of headphones that have higher volume capabilities, allowing you to enjoy sound without issue. 

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