How To Make VR Chat Full Screen

VR technology was designed to transport you to a different reality. With a simple headset, you can be taken away to a whole new world, and it is incredibly easy to forget the world around you. But, even as you play your VR, it is likely that you don’t want to be completely taken away from the world around you.

After all, we now live in a world where connectivity is so important, and keeping in touch with friends and family is a given. 

So, if you are using your VR, there is a good chance that you also want to be able to use the chat function on it. While VR headsets weren’t designed for this purpose, it is possible to chat with others while you use this device.

But unfortunately, the chat function on the VR is actually pretty small. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at how to make your VR chat full screen. So, if you want to find out how to do this, keep on reading. 

How To Make VR Chat Full Screen

Can You Make VR Chat Full Screen?

Well, first things first, let’s take a look at whether, or not, it is even possible to make VR chat full screen. As you had probably guessed, yes, it is possible to do this. The only reason why VR chat doesn’t open in full screen to begin with is because it ruins the experience of the VR. 

When you have a full screen chat function, it removes you from the world in which you are gaming. So, the automatic way in which the chat function will open is in a small window. The idea behind this was that you would be able to chat without the gaming experience taking a big hit.

But, this wasn’t successful. This is mainly because the chat function is too small to use comfortably. Especially if your eyesight isn’t the best. 

That is why it is so common for people to search online how to open the VR chat in full screen. Even though it will affect the gaming experience, this seems to be something that most gamers are okay with. Primarily because most gamers will take breaks from their game in order to respond to messages.

So, now that you know that you can make your VR chat full screen, you might be wondering why you would do this. Let’s take a look. 

Why Would You Do This?

If you are of the same mindset as the people who designed the VR headset in the first place, then you are probably wondering why anyone would want to open the chat function in full screen.

Surprisingly, people who don’t want to open their chat screen in full screen tend to be in the minority. So, let’s take a look at some reasons why you might want to make this function full screen. 

Well, the first reason is to make it easier to use. As we have said, when the chat function opens up in a tab, it is very small, and this can make it rather difficult to see what the messages say. If you have poor eyesight, then this just makes it more difficult to see what is being sent to you.

But, if you open the chat screen to full screen then you can easily see the messages that are sent to you, and it makes responding to them easier too. 

You may also choose to make your VR chat full screen if you aren’t actually in the process of gaming. A lot of gamers back out of their game when they get a VR message because it does impact the experience.

But, if you aren’t playing the game, there is no reason for you to view the message on a small screen. So, it makes sense to increase the chat box to full screen.

How To Make VR Chat Full Screen

Now that we have taken a look at why you might want to make your VR chat full screen, let’s take a look at how to do this. This might come as a surprise to you, but opening VR chat in full screen is actually pretty easy. Once you know what you have to do, of course.

It actually only takes a couple of steps to increase your VR chat from tab form to full screen. So, here’s what you have to do. 

The first thing you should do is open steam. VR chat is a game, technically, so any edits have to be done through this platform. So, with steam open, you should then hold down on the ‘shift’ button on your keyboard, and open the VR Chat game.

Holding shift is important as it improves the resolution of the game. 

With that open, you should then be prompted to click on the word ‘play’. Do this, and you will be faced with two options. They are ‘open in VR steam mode’ and ‘open in desktop’. You should click on the latter.

With the desktop version of this game forward, you can then easily make it full screen by pressing ‘alt’ and ‘enter’. Sometimes, you will also be able to do this by simply holding shift. 

From there, your VR chat will open in full screen mode. You will be able to use the method above to open this service in VR chat no matter what game you are using. There are only a handful of games which are not compatible with VR chat full screen mode.

But, these aside, the method above should work perfectly, allowing you to chat with fellow gamers, without having to strain to see what they are saying. 


In short, in this guide, we have taken a look at how to open VR chat in full screen. This game wasn’t designed for this function, and so it will automatically open as a tab. But, if you follow the method that we have outlined above, then you will be able to open this game in full screen whenever you use your VR headset.

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