How To Change Your Oculus Username

As you can probably already tell, gaming and probably life in general at some point is mainly going to be in virtual reality. One of the leading brands of virtual technology is Oculus which is owned by Facebook.

Gaming and other forms of media are great with virtual reality as it allows its user to be completely engrossed by the world created around them.

You may find that one of the first things you want to do other than play a game or watch a movie with your oculus is customize your experience when you are using it. By this I mean things like updating your username which will make you more recognisable to your friends.

Updating your username has been a staple of the gaming community since it essentially moved completely online back in the early 2010s.

Updating your usernames usually does come with some catches however, for example you may only be able to change your username once for free and have to pay for any other time that you want to change the name. 

This is just one of the requirements that has been the case with previous consoles, so it is important that when picking your username it not only meets the requirements needed to be accepted but also something that you are fully happy with.

Specifically speaking this article will explain the requirements that are needed to change your Oculus username and how to actually do it.

How To Change Your Oculus Username

Requirements For Oculus Username Changes

Oculus is not alone in having requirements for username; in fact pretty much every service that requires a username will also have certain factors that you have to follow for the username to be accepted by the system.

Again this is normally to make yourself more recognisable to online users of the same system. One of the requirements for Oculus is that the username must start with either a letter or a number, a symbol for example will not be sufficient. 

You will also need to make sure that the username you select for yourself is between 2 and 20 characters this is again to be more recognisable online but also so that the usernames being used are not ridiculously long. 

With Oculus you are allowed to use a mix of both numbers, ketters, underscores and dashes. This will ensure that you can be as creative as possible in the parameters allowed by Oculus. 

Although it is important to note that you will not be able to use either dashes or underscores consecutively, this again is to be more recognisable online to other users and friends. If you repeatedly put an underscore it will create a line which can be hard to identify. 

You will also not be able to use slashes, periods or spaces. These again are just the parameters that Oculus have set but it should be said that these parameters still allow its user to be incredibly creative when selecting their username which will appear during game modes. 

Of course they will not let you use anything that can be misconstrued as profanity. This is normally the case for anything that requires a username that will appear so as not to cause any offense to users.

How to Change Your Username

Changing your username is incredibly simple just like the parameters that you have to follow to have the name accepted. The first thing that you will need to do is find the website which is linked making it all the more easier for you, the user to find. 

Once you have arrived at the website the following steps are incredibly easy to follow, you simply need to click on the profile button which will be on the left side of the screen if you are having trouble finding it.

After you have found the correct place to change your username you then need to click on the edit button which will be next to your username. 

You then need to type your new username of course following the parameters you will also need your Oculus pin for this, ensuring it is actually you that would like to change your username you then just need to click save and confirm and there you have it your oculus devices will be updated with your username.

When thinking about changing your username it is important to note that you can only update your username once every six months and is visible publicly hence why you are not allowed to put your username as something that is explicit or could cause someone any kind of offense as this will be. 

Don’t worry though Oculus won’t let you put something which could inadvertently cause someone offense due to the algorithm used to stop that from happening.

In Summary

It is very easy to change your username on your oculus device which is a credit to their incredibly user friendly system that they have in place. You will also have to follow requirements such as selecting a letter or number to start your username, maintaining that the username is between 2 and 20 characters. 

Like mentioned before you will not be able to use a symbol as the first character of your username when using an oculus device. You can include a mix of both letters, dashes, numbers and underscores allowing you to get very creative when making your decision.

Think carefully though because you will not be able to change your username for another 6 months so you want to make sure that you are over the moon with your username choice. 

It is also an easy process to actually complete as you simply need to click on the website which is linked above and follow the necessary steps to go ahead and change your username.

Once you have done this it will appear on all of your Oculus devices. Again you will not be able to use any words considered as profanity or offensive language.

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