How Long Do Monitors Last?

Computer monitors are incredibly intricate pieces of equipment and they are obviously one of the most important parts of a computer in terms of the user as it is what shows you the actual thing that you are looking for. It’s what works as a tv monitor essentially for those who don’t know.

When investing in a good computer system you will find yourself. Thinking about all sorts of different components that will be the best suited for your needs, whether it is a gaming PC or perhaps just one for work. Either way you will want the hardware to be very durable and to have many hours of usage. 

Hours of usage is incredibly important as you will want the monitor to last as long as it can so you won’t have to spend anymore money on a new one for years to come. This article will explain how long a monitor should last you and what makes a durable monitor.

Other things that can impact it are general care and maintenance and avoiding blocking any and all air vents so the computer itself doesn’t overheat as this will ensure the life span will deteriorate quickly.

How Long Do Monitors Last

How Long Do They Last

Normally if you maintain everything correctly on the monitor and it is of a good standard of production it should last between 30,000 and 60,000 hours which means around 10 to 20 years. That is from continuous use averaging around 8 hours a day.

Durability is of course a huge factor in terms of the actual hardware used to create that actual monitor itself. If the electrical components that are used to make the monitor work are of a high quality the monitor will easily last the expected life span so that you won’t have to purchase a new one before the correct amount of time.

You should also ensure that the monitor has a top quality display panel so that over the years of use the color doesn’t saturate on the screen and cause certain bright spots that will damage the actual screen quality.

If the screen quality is damaged it won’t be long before you consider purchasing a new monitor. However, if you consider yourself a technically savvy person you may find that you can replace some of the electrical components yourself which can expand the life span of the actual monitor.

Usage Hours

Like mentioned above the average lifes span you can expect for a monitor is between 10 and 20 years which equates to 30,000 to 60,000 hours of use. This is based on the fact that on average you will be using the monitor around 8 hours a day.

If on average you are only using the computer for say 4-5 hours a day you can probably expect that the computer monitor will last longer than the expected life span. Vice versa if you use the computer for more time than average time that someone would you can expect it to last a shorter amount of time. 

Obviously this is dependent on what you are using the monitor for. If you are using it for work you may find that it is impossible to use the monitor for less than 8 hours a day.

If you use the monitor for gaming and you can limit the amount of hours you are gaming you are more likely to have much more success at keeping the very same monitor for a much longer time. Again if you are someone who can replace components that will become damaged over time then you can expand the expected life span of the monitor in question. 

Maintenance And Care

Maintaining the monitor is also incredibly important when trying to expand the life span of the monitor. You should regularly clean your monitor with a microfibre cloth to stop particles such as dust from getting into any of the air vents which can cause damage to the internal components.

You should also try to keep the monitor away from smoke or any other type of harmful fumes that will damage the quality of the monitor.

You should generally avoid blocking any of the air vents with things like ornaments or picture frames as the monitor can overheat if this is the case which again will damage the monitor making it last a much shorter time than you would expect.

General care and maintenance is one of the most important factors when trying to make your monitor last as long as possible so you should definitely manage the care and maintenance process of your monitor to ensure its durability as durability is not only based on the components that are used to make the monitor itself.

Proper care and maintenance will only take you a few moments every couple of days so it is not overwhelming to properly care and maintain a monitor either.

In Summary 

The average expected life span for a monitor is between 10 to 20 years which as you can see above is between 30,000 and 60,000 hours. This is based on the average use being 8 hours per day. You can obviously impact this yourself if you do not have to use your monitor for 8 hours a day and vice versa you can shorten it if you use it for more than 8 hours a day.

You can also try and make the monitor last longer than expected by properly maintaining the monitor by regularly cleaning it with a microfibre cloth and making sure that the air vents are not blocked by any objects to ensure the monitor does not overheat. It is very easy for a monitor to overheat because of the electrical components that are inside it.

Something as simple as keeping the air vents clear is incredibly important because of this and also easy to stay on top of. It is also important that dust doesn’t ruin the electrical components used.

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