Best VR Sports Games


Disc Benders: Ace Run (Oculus Quest)

Okay, we might be taking some creative liberties here calling Disc Benders a sport - but it kinda is at the same time.

The game is a fusion of golf and frisbee, whereby you have to throw the frisbee on a course by some distance to reach the basket in a given amount of throws.

The mechanics of the game make it an ideal virtual reality sport game to play. There are two courses playable in both directions.

You’ll learn the controls pretty quickly but you might have to play the game many times before you’re any good! It’s notoriously difficult to become a pro Disc Bender. 


Eleven Table Tennis (Steam VR)

Onto a real sport now! If you like table tennis, ping pong or whatever you’d like to call it - look no further than Eleven.

It’s so realistic, you can’t get closer without buying a table and playing the real thing. The game is playable either on your own against AI or go online and face real people.

That’s the one thing the real sport is missing - imagine playing a table tennis match cross-continents!

The overall feeling of the game is incredibly smooth and feels like the real thing as well as looking like it. If you play a lot and get pretty good at it - you can alter the difficulty against the AI and face a real challenge!

Fancy a change of scenery? No problem - Eleven offers several venues to play in!

What’s more, the developer of the game is frequently updating and fine tuning their creation, so you’ll be sure that if you encounter any issues, they’re cleared up rapidly. 


Archery Kings (Steam VR)

If you’re a keen archer - then this is the game to get. It’s a simple game to play but needs a lot of play to master, exactly like the real thing.

It uses a simple UI and basic controls, with an intelligent AI technology and some features that enhance the experience. There’s a variety of different bows to choose from, ranging from standard to the ridiculous - but that makes it fun!

The game guides you through what to do and how to do it and is the kind of game that once you play - you can’t stop. Simple, but effective.


Golf Club (Steam VR)

One of the best visual experiences of the VR sporting category here.

Not only does it look amazing but it’s one of the best golf games you can get, and it gives you information and handy tips as you go - so you can be sure you know what you’re doing at all times.

From tips such as what club to use, how hard to hit the ball and what the best techniques are - this will give you an excellent foundation of the VR sporting experience and might even help your real golf game! 


The Final Overs (Oculus Quest)

For years, cricket games have been hard to find - so you’d expect cricket VR games to be even more rare.

Luckily for us, The Final Overs exists. An incredibly immersive experience which introduces us to a fast-paced and highly realistic world of cricket.

The wise physics allow us to grab full control over the game - whilst keeping the fundamentals of cricket intact.

The additional features include personal statistic tracking, slow-mo replays and a choice from a range of different bats to use.

Choose to play on your own or get online and invite friends to battle it out or join the team. 


Descent Alps (Oculus Quest)

There are few winter sports games around, so Descent Alps was a golden ticket for those who want a snow-based experience.

It’s a skiing game in which you are speeding down a mountain, requiring you to move yourself from side to side like you’re wearing skis. You must clear all the required gates and finish the race by crossing the finish line.

You must play the game as if you were really skiing, getting you right into the real thing. All the courses have a different rhythm so you gotta keep playing to assess what the best way to tackle it all is.

It has a multiplayer setting so you can decide if you want to keep the action for yourself or bring your friends in on the fun. 


The Climb (Oculus Rift)

When we talk about adventure games, we’re not normally talking about games that involve you climbing - but this time we are!

Go free solo climbing in this epic game that brings the feeling of climbing dangerous heights, caving and much more.

Get fully immersed in the scenery and feel the intense magnitude of your surroundings, in day or night - and get that adrenaline rush that only some of the most professional and privileged can do.


Gym Class (Oculus Quest)

Gym Class offers a hybrid experience of a friendly game of shooting some hoops whilst speaking to new or old buddies, or get to it seriously with a game of 4 on 4.

Unlike skiing or golf, it is much more difficult to get to the top level of the game, as you’re not holding a basketball. It doesn’t detract from the fun, but it takes a lot more time to get used to.

The best way to experience this is to invite your VR friends to the game and try and take on some opposition. Can your team of 4 take the heat?


Pick Up League Hockey (Oculus Quest)

Finally, a realistic VR hockey game with an immersive experience.

You can work on your skills on your own with shooting, passing and blocking - but when it comes right down to it, you’ll want to get the full game experience by going online and having a real game.

It’s very accurate and the more you play, the better your hockey skills will be. This game offers serious competition and is difficult to beat! 


Premium Bowling (Steam VR)

If you love bowling and you’ve been hoping for a realistic VR experience of the game - get Premium Bowling!

It’s another simple but effective game which has all the fun of bowling without the need for bowling shoes. Choose between a solo game or two other modes (local and online) and try to get the perfect game and prove yourself to everybody!

The life-like game features many choices of alleyways and bowling ball designs for your visual pleasure and doubles up with some catchy background music. Truly a game for everyone (particularly if you’re a Big Lebowski fan!)


Real VR Fishing (Steam VR)

Fishing can be one of the most relaxing and therapeutic sporting experiences you could choose to do. For some of us though, it’s simply not an option. Perhaps for moral reasons, perhaps for geographical reasons or even financial reasons!

Whatever the case, if you’re up for a VR experience of fishing - this is one of the best out there. Feel entirely relaxed in the scenery and sounds with an extremely accurate portrayal of potential fishing spots.

Check out your best catches and get your aquarium looking the way you want it by customizing - the decorations are entirely your choice. 


The Thrill of the Fight

It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the… well you get the picture. Boxing fans rejoice at this challenging and fitness demanding experience.

Get yourself in the virtual gym and jab, block and swing your way to boxing glory. The amount that you’ll move around might surprise you - so if you’re looking to keep fit whilst having fun, this is the perfect game for you.

The more you play this, you might find your love of boxing skyrockets (if you weren’t already a fan!) 


VR Sports Challenge (Oculus Rift)

This game has all kinds of sports on offer like tennis, boxing, bowling, baseball and golf. Within each of these sports, you’ll find separate mini games on offer too. Hockey for example, you can get the goalie experience.

Whatever sport you decide to lean more towards, you’ll find they’re great tools for fitness as well as a clear platform for fun!


Hoops Madness

Hoops Madness allows you to shine and bring your basketball tricks to the surface. You earn more points for doing trick shots or being consistent.

It’s another game that allows you to get your daily fitness in. Choose to work your arms by training shots or work the legs by doing jump shots.

If you’re a basketball fan, you’ll truly get the best out of this game - challenge yourself to your own scores or go online and beat the players! 


MLB Home Run Derby (Steam VR)

Baseball fans might have found their perfect VR game here. With four stadiums to play in and visually impressive graphics, get your fans excited by batting an amazing game.

Choose between two pitching methods with pro or normal and bat against them - just don’t expect pro to go easy on you!


First Person Tennis - The Real Tennis Simulator (Steam VR)

Tennis games are always fun and especially when it comes to increasing the realism of the game.

The game has different modes for you to choose from and gives the player the best possible experience you can expect from a tennis VR game. 


2MD VR Football Evolution (Oculus)

Football is one of our favorite sports and finding the perfect game can be a very difficult task. 2MD has brought all of the best elements of football and virtual reality and stuck them together like peanut butter and jelly!

It’s not the easiest of games to get the hang of though - so be prepared to have to thoroughly read and understand all of the control permutations.

For example, your right hand can have several different controls attached to it - you might make the wrong call and lose the match!

Having said that, if you get really immersed into the experience, you’ll find yourself returning over and over again. Luckily, there’s a practice mode for you to try and get your bearings!

If you like football and want a virtual reality football game with the ability for a 5 on 5 - this is the game for you. 

Virtual Reality Video Games - What’s The Point?

Virtual reality gaming is becoming more and more popular. It’s entirely natural for us to be drawn to advancing our technology and no technology gets us more excited than the ones that benefit us with entertainment!

Virtual reality video games offer that new technology. Much like the swing towards 3D movies, virtual reality is appealing to more and more gamers who are wanting a new and more fun experience.

What virtual reality offers over regular gaming is the togetherness and immersion with the gaming experience.

When it comes to sporting games, the challenge is greater than simply playing a normal baseball game for example - you’ve got to be better by playing (the equivalent) of the game - in exactly the same way you would with the real sport. Practicing will improve your game!

Scenery, atmosphere and weather are all key features when it comes to experiencing virtual reality sports games properly.

Mountaineering, skiing, fishing and hiking for example will always have the element of the surroundings as an enhancing part of the overall experience.

Whereas, the crowd involved in team sports like basketball or baseball can be truly felt in virtual reality.

It’s likely that in the coming years of technological advancement, our VR experiences will improve even more with graphical and other changes. 

Best VR Sports Games

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Virtual Reality Sport Games Difficult To Find?

It would be right to believe that there are fewer VR games out there from developers as there are with general sport gaming.

However, this doesn’t mean that VR games are difficult to find. A quick search using the platforms like Steam, you can find what game you might be looking for. 

What Do I Need To Start VR Sport Gaming?

You’ll need an Oculus, HTC or HP all in one headset which will include the controller. It differs slightly with Playstation VR, as you can purchase a PSVR kit which has components like move controllers.

Apart from the headset (which appear like a pair of snowboarding goggles) you’ll simply need a decent level of fitness for some of the games on offer - but always check the game requirements before purchase.

Are There Any Dangers To VR Sport Gaming?

You should always pay full attention to your surroundings before you begin your gaming experience, even if you’re just sitting down.

As with most things involving sports, there are potential risks - but you should be okay when done in a controlled, safe and time appropriate manner (i.e. not gaming 24 hours a day!) 

Is VR Sport Gaming Worth The Money?

That’s really a choice that only you can make. Does virtual reality enhance the sport gaming experience? Yes. It’s more immersive and more realistic than non-virtual sport gaming.

However, deciding if it’s worth the money would be a personal and subjective decision based on budget and your own taste. Always think carefully before making a big financial purchase and consider if there are other things you need to purchase. 


Virtual reality gaming can really enhance the sporting experience, particularly if you need to stay at home for any reason.

The availability of VR sporting games is becoming increased and more widely seen - so you will likely find the sport of your choice! 

There are even games that offer several different sports in one game, as we have seen here in this list. So, pick your favorites and get to the training!

We hope you enjoyed our guide and list. Happy virtual gaming. 

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