Best VR Headset Under 100

VR Headsets are the beginning of a whole new era of gaming and cinematic enjoyment. They allow a user to get truly immersed in a world and by extension enjoy the game or movie at a whole new level.

Gamers and movie lovers alike love these devices. So, whether it is a video game or a much-loved fantasy world from your favorite movie. 

A VR Headset will change your viewing experience for the better. But, with money being tight for so many of us, there is not much opportunity to buy an expensive VR Headset.

That is why we have compiled a list of the best Virtual Reality Headsets on the market under $100. Below is a carefully curated list of headsets you might find suitable for your needs. 

Best VR Headsets Under 100


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The Peiloh VR Headset is designed to be foldable and lightweight, this is due to the new, lighter materials in the construction of this device.

Additionally, this headset has a good heat dissipation effect, which basically helps your phone to run smoothly and reduce the power that is used while the VR headset is in use. 

The eyesight adjustment on this device is easy to use and allows people to see a clear picture with ease. The Peiloh VR Headset is compatible with smartphones such as Android and IOS and can take a cellphone that is between 4.6 inches and 6.3 inches. 

Overall, this device is a great buy, there are several features that are a steal for the price bracket. 


  • Lightweight - Fabric, and materials allow this headset to be light and comfortable.
  • Anti-Blue-Light Lenses - These lenses protect your eyes from harmful blue light on the screens while you wear the VR Headset. 
  • Panoramic  - This allows you to view panoramic videos with ease. 
  • Efficient Cooling Solution -  This makes sure that your phone runs smoothly and reduces the amount of power your device uses.


  • Comfort- Some customers found this product was less comfortable than that Manufacturer advertised.
  • Games for Children - Some customers found that this product could not play games that children would like.


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The BOBOVR Z6 VR Headset has a foldable headphone with a 4.7-6.5-inch screen you can use with your iOS/Android. This device should work with an Android 4.4, IOS 8, or anything newer than that.

In short, this headset is compatible with reasonably new smartphone devices. This VR acts as your own personal IMAX theater, with 50 mm headphones and goggles for a truly immersive experience. 

Overall, this device comes with one lithium battery and a remote control you can use for games you want to play. 


  • Comfortable for Glasses Users - The straps and face paddings make this device comfortable for someone who needs glasses. Face padding helps prevent lens fog.
  • Wireless Connection - Has the capacity to be used wirelessly, allowing free movement while in use. 
  • Foldable - Allows easy storage due to being able to fold down and safely put out of sight.


  • Color Choice - Only Comes in black
  • Potential Adjustment Issues - Some customer reviews claimed that there was limited ability to adjust this VR Headset.


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The LONGLU VR Headset has built-in adjustable, 3D headphones which only add to your immersion experience. These headsets are compact and designed to adjust to your needs. The wear band and pupil distance can be altered to suit your personal needs. 

It also has the option to take multiple screen sizes between 4.7 and 6.0 inches. Not only that but the LONGLU VR Headset also has blue light built into the device which helps protect your eyes from the light of the screen.

Overall, this product has a lot to offer, which makes it a good choice for almost anyone’s needs.


  • Eye Protection - The new blue light and lenses help protect your eyes. 
  • Glasses and Myopia - The Device is designed to support glasses wearers and non-glasses wearers, as well as lenses that help individuals that suffer from myopia.
  • Screen Size Compatibility - Can hold smartphone devices from 4.7 to 6 inches.
  • Controller - Comes with one Controller


  • Color Choice - There are no options to choose a color. 
  • Headphone Adaptor - This device does not come with an adaptor


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This VR Empire Headset runs on an Android platform and operating system. It is built for iPhone and Android phones, as such, it has the ability to be used for a wide group of people. If you would like to enjoy a movie in virtual reality, this is a great device.

Throw yourself into the world of Jurassic Park, Mars, or the Forbidden City. Turn 360 degrees and get a true feel for the immersion this VR Headset has to offer. 

This device is compatible with various sized phones, from 4 inches to 7.3 inches. It also comes with a controller and a battery which you can use to enjoy your first session.

As if that weren’t enough, the VR Empire Headset also has an anti-blue-light lens, which helps protect your eyes from the harsh light of the screen.


  • Eye Protection - Anti-blue-light lens which protects your eyes.
  • Fits a Variety of Screen Sizes - Can hold devices from 4 inches to 7.3 inches.
  • Comfortable - The headphones and device are well-made and fit comfortably. 


  • Color Choice - No option to choose a color for the device. Only comes in black.
  • Temperamental - Some customers found the device sometimes worked and other times it did not work.


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The Google Daydream VR Headset is a great yet simplistic device for those that want to join the VR Headset world. It does not have built-in headphones like the previous headsets.

However, it is a great device to enjoy playing app games or watching movies. Because of its small size, it is ideal for use on the go. While you are traveling or in the comfort of your own home. 

It comes with a remote control and is compatible with smartphone devices. The screen size is 2 inches and the display is augmented reality. Overall, this device is great for watching movies and relaxing.


  • Breathable Design - The fabric used is breathable and designed to be comfortable and keep you comfortable during your viewing experience. 
  • Reduced Electronic Waste - Because it is a second-hand product, you are helping the environment by purchasing it and not allowing it to go to landfills. 
  • Remote - Comes with a remote you can use while you use the device


  • Pre-Owned - This device is preowned but has been tested and inspected by the suppliers. 
  • Compatibility - Some users found that this device was not useful or compatible with their devices. 
  • Headphones & SIM Not Included - This device does not come with built-in headphones, nor does it come with a SIM.


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The LBWT Virtual Reality Headset is compatible with cell phones that range between 4.7 inches and 6.3 inches in size. They are wireless and as such have some cool features like having high-speed audio streaming and allowing you to answer the phone. 

This device also has low power consumption and is stated to have a battery life of about 25 hours.

It can also be connected to a computer, so if you would like to experience virtual reality while watching movies or playing VR-friendly games on your PC, this is a great device for you. 

Overall, the features of this device are all useful and fun, making this a great VR Headset for you or your children. 


  • Built-in Earphones -  Comes with earphones built into the VR Headset. 
  • Wireless - Because of the Bluetooth feature on this headset, this device is wireless.
  • PC Connection - This VR Headset allows you to connect to a computer.


  • Color - Only comes in white
  • Accessories - This Product does not appear to come with accessories


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The Pansonite VR Headset is a pre owned device that is one of 2019’s latest versions. It has eye-protecting technology worked into the headset. With updated lenses and adjustable pupil focus features within the goggles. 

This device keeps both your comfort and safety in mind even within its design. The Pansonite VR Headset can take smartphones between 4.7 and 6 inches, as well as having a detailed list of types of cellphones it is compatible with. So, feel free to peruse their list if you are interested. 

Overall, this virtual reality headset is a great product with many features that are useful as well as being comfortable for you to wear. 


  • Cosmetics - No visible cosmetic nicks or bumps  
  • Battery - The Battery should exceed 80% capacity.
  • Accessories - Comes with a remote control, SIM removal tool, Charger, and Cable.
  • Cable - Retractable cable on device.
  • Environmentally Friendly -  Purchasing a second-hand product means that this device will not go to landfills but rather have another life. 


  • Pre-Owned - This product is second-hand but has been inspected and tested by the suppliers. 
  • Accessories not Included - Headphones and SIM are not included in this product

Best VR Headsets Under 100 Buying Guide

Purchasing the best headset can be a daunting task, especially when you are unfamiliar with what to look for or which features are most important. This is especially difficult when there are technical components to watch out for, like with VR Headsets.

Do you need a device with headphones built-in? Do you wear glasses and require a device that allows you to wear your glasses? Are you unsure what size cellphone your headset takes?

There is a lot to consider when you are trying to purchase something like this. Whether you are buying it for yourself or for a friend as a gift. Below is a carefully curated list of things to consider when you are considering purchasing a VR Headset. 

Best VR Headset Under 100


When you are choosing a headset, it is critical to keep in mind the sound system. Some devices do not come with built-in headphones, which means you will need to provide your own for an immersive experience.

As such, when you are looking for your VR headset, make sure to keep in mind whether the device you are looking at includes headphones. 

In addition to the headset being a part of the device, it is imperative that you keep in mind how comfortable they are.

For example, a device that claims to have cushioning and has customer reviews associated with the comfort of the headphones is a good way to make sure you get the best out of your VR headset experience. 


Making sure that your VR headset is made to accommodate your needs is something that you should watch out for. If you, for example, wear glasses, you will need to make sure that your device can comfortably accommodate this feature.

As some of the products in this list show, there are some VR Headsets that point out this feature. If you are someone that needs a device that allows you to wear glasses, you should keep this in mind and check the features of the product before your purchase. 

Eye Safety

It is important that the VR headset you pick has your eye’s safety and health in mind. As such, when you are perusing a variety of products, make sure to keep this in mind.

For example, a product that allows you to adjust the eyesight adjustment feature to suit your individual vision requirements is a great start. 

Another good feature is an anti-blue-light lens which is a high transmission lens in the device itself, this protects your eyes from harmful blue light as well as reduces eye fatigue. 


If you are looking to save money on your VR Headset purchase, it is critical to check what accessories come with your device. Making sure that your headset comes with a controller, cables and earphones can be a lifesaver.

As such, make sure to read up on what comes with your VR Headset purchase so that you can use your device right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cheap VR Headsets Worth it?

The short answer is yes and no. If you would like an excellent VR headset that does not need a phone and is higher quality, you will of course need to purchase a more expensive headset. But cheaper VR headsets can be pretty good.

For example, you may not need a built-in set of headphones for your VR. If you are able to plug a pair of headphones into your phone and listen through those, then you will undoubtedly still be immersed.

In conclusion, there are a lot of things you can forgo and still have an immersive experience. All without paying a lot of money for your virtual reality experience. 

Why is VR so Expensive?

Anyone that knows video games or is an avid gamer will know that VR gaming is significantly more expensive than any other type of gaming.

The reason for this is that Virtual Reality is a relatively new type of gaming or way to watch movies. Purchasing VR Gaming should become cheaper as the products are used and developed more. 

Is VR Bad for your Eyes?

Some research shows that prolonged use of a VR headset can cause issues with your eyes. Discomfort, eye strain, eye fatigue, and blurred vision are a few of the problems that can crop up if you use a VR headset for long periods of time.

So, make sure to take breaks and not over-strain your eyes when you are using one of these devices. 

Is it Bad to Play VR Every Day?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are some cases like Wilmot who play VR most days and are still in good shape. In fact, a lot of the research indicates that playing video games or VR daily can relieve stress. 

Can 7-Year-Old Play VR?

Seven years old is the minimum age limitation for VR gaming. However, the majority of manufacturers have an age limit of 12+.

This is because there is some discussion about what the side effects of VR are for young children. There is not enough research to prove there are negative side effects other than eye strain. 

Will VR Take Over Gaming?

Anything is possible in the future, but the likelihood that VR gaming will take over traditional consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, or PC is unlikely.

At the moment, it looks like VR Gaming will run alongside conventional gaming platforms and only shine when there are projects that highlight the features that VR offers to the gaming world. 

Final Thoughts

These have been the best VR Headsets under 100, there are a lot of options out there. The various features of a headset are designed for your comfort and to create an immersive experience.

There are plenty of cheaper VR headsets available on the market and as this list proves, they all have features that can work for the right person. 

Making sure that you choose the right device is a time-consuming task, and that is why this list was created. To give you a list of the best products on the market so that you can have an exciting immersive experience of your own. 

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