Best Roller Coaster VR Game

Since the first roller coaster opened on June 16th, 1884, they have become ever more popular. Extreme thrill seekers have traveled far and wide to experience these rides. As years have passed, roller coasters have become bigger and faster than ever before.

We now have the technology to create a simulated environment through the use of computer technology. This has brought our wildest dreams to fruition as we can now experience life through a headset. 

So have you ever thought about riding that most intense and staggering roller coaster that defies reality? Well now you certainly can!

Roller coaster mechanics have been combined with virtual reality technology to create the most insane rides you'll ever experience!

However, there are so many roller coaster VR games out there that making your choice hard, so let us help you by putting together our list of the best roller coaster VR games out there. We even have an FAQ section at the end to answer any questions you may have.

Best Roller Coaster VR Games


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Developer: Supermassive Games
Release Date: October, 2016


A direct spin-off from the Until Dawn series, this game is for those who are thrill seekers. As the player progresses through the game, the intensity of the amusement park grows as the roller coaster cart takes the player through it.

The game features seven different roller coasters that feature some of the same locations and characters from its brethren although this time with different themes. Don’t forget the guns! 

You can't go wrong with a game that can knock your socks off and keep you on your toes at the same time!

With this game, you experience simulated roller coasters unlike any other. Forget the fun carnival trips you had as a child; this takes it to a whole new level and is the largest challenge you'll face. So be sure to be aged 18 and over to experience what this game has to offer. 


  • Coaster experience: Players travel on the roller coaster in a dangerous carnival adventure that will shock you.
  • Realistic: Jump straight into the immersive experience with dark rooms and scares waiting around the corner.
  • Setting: Explore and ride through the carnival that once was thriving and dare to see what is deeper within.
  • Single Player: Progress through the story mode and beat each boss. 
  • Social Features: Share your progress.


You'll be captivated by the game's graphics and forget you're on a roller coaster half of the time. In terms of those who want just a roller coaster experience, it might not be for them because of all the jump scares they'll encounter.

Despite this, it still has all of the classic drops you would expect to find on an amusement park roller coaster.

Brace yourself for the most disturbing and extreme roller coaster ride you will ever go on. Take this as a warning.


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Developer: Nvizzio Creations
Release Date: December, 2018


Experience the thrill of building and riding roller coasters with RollerCoaster Tycoon Joyride, this game is exclusive to PlayStation® VR.

These gravity-defying coasters provide an amazingly realistic experience since their gravity-defying mechanics make you feel like you're in another dimension.

Among the game's other features is the ability to shoot at targets to earn points in a way that will reward players so that they can climb the leaderboards and beat their friends. 


  • Freeform Coaster Builder: Now players can create the roller coaster of their dreams in minutes with a roller coaster builder optimized for consoles.
  • Pre-Built Coasters: Jump straight into the immersive experience with pre-built coasters and have fun exploring what there is to offer!
  • Amazing Environments: Explore and ride through the wild and treacherous mountains for a daytime adventure or the captivating skyline of the cities as you embark on your latest experience at dusk. 
  • Realistic Physics: Experience a truly thrilling coaster adventure to make you feel the adrenaline-pumping excitement.
  • Single Player and Multiplayer: Build and ride in multiplayer mode with friends, or progress through the progression system and sandbox modes. 
  • Social Features: Post your inventions on PSN for others to test out and review.


This game takes the classic roller coaster experience to a whole new level with the option to create your own roller coasters. For some time now, we have been crying out for such a difference and they haven’t let us down.

You have to really appreciate games that listen to what players want, and this is why we mark them highly in our list of roller coaster games to check out!


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Developer: London Studio
Release Date: October, 2016


A quite different roller coaster experience, as the game includes five different adventures, including London Heist, VR Luge, Scavenger's Odyssey, Ocean Descent and Danger Ball. 

VR Luge would be the focus of the roller coaster experience, as you weave through traffic, scrape under big rigs and feel the thrill of illegal street racing inch by inch. 

It is the perfect game mode for those looking for something that gives off the same feels as a roller coaster would, except you are in control of it.

That’s right, we said it! In other words, not only does the game take a roller coaster experience, but it has been adapted and turned into a race with fast drops and twists and turns. 

If you are a player who is looking for something different when it comes to thrill seeking, then this game is for you. It captures all the typical features of roller coasters and throws it into a completely different scenario and this is what separates itself from the competition.

Considering you're dropping downhill at upwards of 100mph, you really need to commit to the game while lying down if you wish to truly feel the effects when you turn as you dodge the obstacles.

This game might be short lived, but it is sure to pump your blood as it all occurs in a flash.


  • Falling effects: Fast downhill adaption on a roller coaster drop for a different experience.
  • Location: Lots of action that never gives you a moment's breath. 
  • Extreme Physics: Experience adrenaline-pumping excitement that will have you going dizzy.
  • Single Player: Try your best to come first in the race but be careful where you turn!
  • Social Features: Post your level completion for others to see.


A simple way to summarize this game is that it tests your mind and strength at speed. It is a challenging roller coaster race we believe you will love!

Be sure to try this one out if you are looking for fast paced-action. Our only wish for this mode would be that it were longer!


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Developer: Montgomery Games 3D
Release Date: October, 2016


A roller coaster experience devoted to android mobile users. This app is different to console games, as it sticks to the traditional roller coaster mechanics that we all know and love.

To some, it may seem like a simple app, but thanks to its ability to work offline, we believe it offers users the chance to escape from their everyday lives wherever they are.


  • Dual Game Mode: VR and normal mode to increase interaction with the player.
  • Graphics: Amazing 3D graphics and sound effects to enhance performance.
  • Multiple Devices: This game is friendly on a variety of android devices.
  • Access: Play this game anytime and anywhere with no internet required after downloading.
  • Gameplay: Continuous track with no time limit and lots of turns to go with the drops.


For mobile users on android, this is the experience calling your name. This immersive adventure is waiting for your download and you would be foolish to not even consider doing so.

The ability to use this anytime is a big deal to us, as you never know when you will want to set foot on a roller coaster again.

You don’t need to rely on WiFi with this app which is great, plus it still delivers similar qualities to those on the console. Be sure to check this out and give the app the support it deserves.


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Developer: Game Sim Studios
Release Date: April, 2018


As the driver, you'll have to control your nerves while coping with speed, height, and dangerous turns. The track you decide to choose for the roller coaster has different sections which the player will feel to add extra thrill and enjoyment to the experience.

Make sure to wear the VR glasses for this one to get the true feel for what it is like on one of these roller coasters.


  • Track Choice: Multiple thrilling rides to play are available and all in virtual reality.
  • Design: Structured roller coasters with multiple camera angles for immersive experience.
  • Graphics and Sound: Looks great for a mobile app and offers music overlay.
  • Access: Play this game anytime and anywhere with no internet required after downloading.
  • Multiple Devices: This game is friendly on a variety of android devices.


This app is certainly one of the best for the younger generation to play on so if you have any kids be sure to give them a go on this adventure. Of course it is still great for the adults, but we do believe kids will get the true enjoyment out of this one.

The music is a great addition to these mobile experiences, because it really helps the individual escape from reality further and become locked in to the whole ride. It is a solid roller coaster experience so do give it a try

Best Roller Coaster VR Games Buying Guide

The most notable traits that set each game apart are the style, the gameplay, and the design of roller coaster experience you want. Stylistically, the best choice is down to your personal preference. Which you can decide upon in your own time as we want you to make the right choice.

Best Roller Coaster VR Game

If you are on a console you will need to be sure to have the correct guidance for virtual reality usage to work. For all three of the PlayStation games you will require the fully immersive PS VR headset that provides you with 360-degree vision.

Alongside this you will need the PlayStation camera that has dual lenses and 3D depth sensors, this camera helps to track the position of the headset and all movement.

To take your immersive experience to the next level you will want to get the PlayStation move motion controller that can provide you with a full range of motion and give you a strong presence in your game.

It is very important to consider these things before you buy any of these virtual reality games as the additional items will come at a cost. However, do consider any purchases you make as a long-term investment, because they really do add to the experience.

For the apps, we advise that you look into what virtual reality headsets or goggles your phone is compatible with before downloading. This is due to the fact that the app may not be able to run if your phone software is old or that it is not available on your device in the first place. 

The good thing about mobile VR applications is that you can use cardboard headsets for them to run. Google has some available that they tend to offer and if you speak to your mobile provider, they may be able to suggest some headsets that may work best for your device. 

It is important to not rush into any decision when taking your first step in entering the VR world, as it isn’t for everyone you will tend to find. So be sure to test out if it is something you will like if possible before making it your life.

VR for us is amazing and we are sure most of you will love what it has to offer on your roller coaster adventures. With more releases due to come out in the future it truly is an exciting market to be part of right now. 

Be sure to keep checking for the latest releases as time goes by because we might end up having to change our list in the future! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual reality?

As mentioned previously, virtual reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional imagery that has been made interactive with a person using a headset and/or controllers.

It is the new way to explore life without leaving your home and you can finally live your wildest dreams. We truly believe that virtual reality is the future of gaming and thrill seeking adventures.

What is the best roller coaster VR game for me?

Well this all depends on your taste and experience. There are many things to consider before you play your first roller coaster VR game and that includes the genre and thrill level.

Some are built for the extreme thrill seekers that love horrors and blood, while others prefer the more faint hearted that prefer a traditional experience. It really comes down to you, but we have tried our best to suggest some that can help with your decision.

The list above breaks down every aspect of the games and should help you to understand what goes on in each game. 

PlayStation or Mobile?

Both of these are great choices and it comes down to what your preference is. However, if you are wanting better graphics and a more enhanced experience then we would recommend PlayStation due to their devoted VR devices.

Android devices still offer the immersive experience, but it is no match to what PlayStation can offer because of the software available to them.

However if you are someone who travels a lot, you may prefer the android for your roller coaster experience, as it won’t require an internet connection on your journey providing you with faster access.

Is this a good alternative to visiting roller coasters in real life?

Absolutely! This is a great way to experience roller coasters for yourself without having to go into the troubles of queuing up for that ride you really wanted to go on.

VR offers to take you to a whole new world and transform the normal roller coaster into something far more extreme and exciting. You can’t knock VR till you try it and once you do, we are sure that you will love it.

What are the effects of using virtual reality?

Virtual reality can affect people in different ways for a period of time compared to others. Some may feel no different, while others will experience dizziness or sickness and this is why it is important to take breaks when using VR.

If you do experience these side effects do not worry, as some roller coaster experiences have a lot of twists and turns so it's only natural. As we tell others who try VR, you wanted the real experience didn't you!

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