Best Open Back Headphones For VR Gaming

With the market for virtual reality gaming growing at a very rapid rate. To fully experience all the wonders that virtual reality has to offer you will obviously need a good system.

One of the main things that is great for completely enveloping you in this virtual world is a good pair of open back headphones.

You can’t just use any old pair of headphones though. You want headphones that can give you the best experience, so really you are going to be looking at headphones that are specifically made to work for virtual reality technology.

If you don’t have the right pair of headphones you may find that it can really hinder the enjoyment that you could be having whilst playing games or streaming various forms of media.

It would be like driving a Ferrari but with the interior of a Ford, you may look like you are having fun on the outside, but on the inside you’ll just feel incomplete.

Luckily for all of you virtual reality enthusiasts we’ve compiled a list of all the best open back headphones to use when in the virtual reality world.

They really will improve your entire experience. 


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The Stealth 350VR gaming headset is built a little wider than normal models.

The reason for that is to leave enough room for many VR headbands and the different cables that come with them.

They have a battery powered audio system which amplifies the audio greatly providing an incredibly encapsulating experience for the user.

You can also very simply switch on or off the ANC which means active noise canceling. The button you need to switch is on the ear cups and by doing this it will give you a much improved audio experience.

Another great feature of these headphones is the mic monitoring system.

A mic is very important to the experience of gaming and this mic ensures that you don’t need to scream to be heard by it. It is also detachable and they can be used just like regular headphones.


  • ANC (active noise cancellation)
  • Great mic
  • Battery powered audio system


  • Are on the expensive side


Audio Technica ATH-M50X

Another brilliant headphone set for VR is the Audio Technica ATH-M50X, They are recommended by lots of professional reviewers for audio and also sound engineers.

The audio that these headphones produce really is incredible. They have an extended range of frequency and a very precise bass output.

It also provides sound isolation for when you are in surroundings that are noisy. They also deliver an incredibly comfortable feel for the user, along the headband and the earpads, they also have a detachable cable.

These really are a brilliant set of headphones for those who want to take their virtual reality gaming to the next level.

Like mentioned above they are recommended by audio professionals as they provide such a good sound quality which can completely encapsulate the gamer. They truly are impressive.


  • Very comfortable
  • Recommended by professionals
  • Great sound isolation


  • Are on the expensive side.


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Another incredibly respected brand in the audio industry is Sennheuser and with their Game One headphones we can see why.

Due to them being an open acoustic headset it gives an incredibly realistic sound experience for the user of the headphones.

They are incredibly lightweight headphones so they won’t feel heavy on your head when in use for an extended period of time.

They also use transducer tech, which make the headphones incredibly optimized which is perfect when you are a hard core gamer.

They have unbeatable noise cancellation which only improves the whole experience of virtual reality all together. These headphones really do provide the gamer with all the thrills and spills they want.


  • Incredibly realistic audio experience
  • Transducer technology providing the best experience fro the hard core gamer
  • Also incredibly lightweight so won’t feel uncomfortable on your head over an extended period of time.


  • Like the others mentioned on this list are on the expensive side.


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Marketed as the headset for gamers you know full well that you are in for a treat when it comes to the headphones made by Sony for playstation.

They offer incredible noise cancellation technology allowing the user to completely feel like they are inside the virtual reality system.

With these headphones you can even customize the audio experience for different games allowing you to get the most out of them and the games, to do this you will need the playstation app on your smartphone.

They are also incredibly comfortable headphones with a padded headband and puffy earcups. This will ensure that you can game for extended hours and not feel uncomfortable when doing so.

They are also incredibly stylish for those who want to look good while they game.


  • Noise cancelation
  • Incredibly comfortable for the user
  • Can customize audio experience through playstation app


  • Exclusive to playstation


[amazon fields=”B00PUMKFLC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Again this is another incredibly good quality set of headphones.

As well as having brilliant noise cancellation technology they have 50 millimeter speakers which provide a great sound quality that delivers incredibly sharp sounds and great deep low sounds.

It has an in line amp that will help control the finite details of the sound that you are hearing when playing which helps deliver the high quality sound.

They are fairly universal working with plenty of different Vr systems, such as Oculus rift and iphone VR.

They are also incredibly comfortable for the user which will allow for very long hours inside your virtual reality world without having to worry about any signs of discomfort when using these headphones.

They really are one of the best headsets around for virtual reality gaming.


  • Noise cancellation technology
  • Works with a variety of VR systems
  • 50 millimeter speakers providing great sound quality


  • Mic will rest in front of your face which may become annoying at times.


[amazon fields=”B01LYNEIEI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

These headphones are again another brilliant set for virtual reality gaming.

They offer incredible frequency shifting technology which will halt any delays in the audio which means not one moment of intensity will be missed allowing you to experience everything that the virtual reality system has to offer.

They are incredibly lightweight headphones which will provide comfort for the gamer as well as a padded headband allowing them to rest on your head without causing any discomfort for you the gamer which takes this product to the next level.

They also offer great noise cancellation technology allowing you to completely disconnect from the outside world and focus solely on what is in front of you in the Virtual world.

You can also adjust the volume along the side of the headset with a dial which will allow for a customizable experience in terms of the level of noise you are hearing.


  • Noise cancellation technology
  • Frequency shifting technology leaving no delay
  • Lightweight and incredibly comfortable.


  • Like others on this list are quite expensive.


[amazon fields=”B00SJ4IKEW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This pair of headphones is an incredibly high quality build ensuring a very durable headset. They are stainless steel along the headband with hinges that are hidden which will allow you to fold them.

They have very large ear cups which will provide a lot of comfort for the user of the headphones. Due to the way that the ear cups are cushioned they will provide excellent noise cancellation.

The headset will also provide a brilliantly high quality sound that will help completely expose you to the wonders and greatness of virtual reality.

They can handle any level of sound regardless of the frequency with no issues which is what you expect from a brand like Sennheiser.


  • High quality durable headset
  • Very comfortable for the user
  • Great noise cancelation


  • Exclusive for apple devices.

Best Open Back Headphones For VR Gaming Buying Guide

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a huge factor in deciding what the best headset is for you, luckily all of the above products do have noise cancellation technology embedded within them.

The purpose for noise cancellation is to essentially block out the outside sounds and only hear exclusively what is going on between the ear cups.

This is such an essential factor for virtual reality headphones because it allows the user to be completely engrossed in the game through audio not only visual.

The fact that you can encapsulate yourself within the sound provides the best in game experience and kind of encapsulates the entire purpose of virtual reality.

Best Open Back Headphones for VR Gaming


Again comfort is another essential factor when selecting the right pair of headphones for you, because let's be honest nobody games for 5 minutes at a time.

When you set your time aside for a gaming experience it is normally for a few hours at a time, this is no different with virtual reality games either. 

You want your headphones to sit comfortably on your head, luckily the above stated products are all extremely comfortable ensuring that no matter how long you game for you’ll never feel uncomfortable while wearing them which will also provide a brilliant in-game experience that can’t be matched.

Comfortability of the headphones really should be near the top of your priority list when selecting the right headphones for you.

Audio Quality

Audio Quality is what delivers the best in-game experience possible.

As a gamer you want zero delays in your audio to completely engross you in the concept of the game and allow you to feel every thrill the game has to offer you.

The above stated products all have incredibly high quality audio which can create such a brilliant experience.

Although noise cancellation is also incredibly important you want to make sure what you are hearing is also the best quality.

You want to be able to hear all of the deep bass as well as the extremely high frequency sounds which believe it or not even in this day and age some headphones can struggle with providing.

Again the above products all provide some of the best audio experiences known to man which will only further your enjoyment of virtual reality gaming.


When selecting the set of headphones that you want you will want to check if they are compatible for your virtual reality system.

Many of the above stated products will work universally and provide you with a great experience. Some however are exclusive to certain systems such as the playstation gold headphones which are obviously exclusive to playstation.

The Sennheiser momentum 2.0 is exclusive to Apple virtual reality products.

You will want to make sure that you have purchased headphones that are compatible with your virtual reality system because otherwise the headphones won’t work for you which could leave a bad taste in your mouth.

This is one of the most important factors when deciding the right headphones for you and your system for the reasons mentioned above.

Like mentioned you may prefer to have more universal headphones that can work on lots of different systems. 

However, if you know that your virtual reality system is Playstation then why not select the exclusive playstation headphones to complete your set, really this is down for you to decide but ensure that your headphones are in fact compatible.

Design Quality

Design quality of the headphones is again an incredibly important factor as you want the headphones to be incredibly durable.

The reason you want the headphones to be durable is because whilst you are engrossed in your virtual reality world you will be moving around alot and if you haven’t cleared the correct amount of space you could end up bumping them which could cause damage which could lead to a break.

Durability is determined by what materials are used to make the actual headphones.

If the materials that are used are of a low quality then you can expect a low durability factor, but if they are of a high quality build you can expect these headphones to support you for years and years to come in the virtual reality world. 

Ensure that the product you select is of a high quality build, luckily all of the above stated products are of an incredibly high quality build to give you the most out of your gaming experience. 

Mic Quality

Mic Quality is again incredibly important as you may want to be speaking to your friends in your virtual world and not have to shut to actually do that, you also want the mic to rest in a comfortable position.

This is a very important aspect when determining if the headphones are the right choice for, if you prefer to play games alone then the mic won’t particularly bother you.

If you know that you are going to be playing with friends or in online servers where you want people to be able to hear you then the quality of the mic should be at the forefront of your mind when selecting the right product for you. 


Lightweight headphones are also incredibly important when selecting the right product for you.

Due to the fact that you can game for hours on top of hours without even realizing it, especially in the virtual world as it is so engrossing you want to ensure that the headphones you select are not heavy on your head and weigh very little as this can really hinder the enjoyment that you can have when it comes to gaming.

All of the above listed products are incredibly lightweight to ensure the maximum enjoyment of your virtual experience.

For that reason alone, how lightweight a set of headphones are should be at the top of your priority lists, because headphones can have all of the technology in the world, but if they weigh you too much on your head you’re just not going to want to wear them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Headphones Compatible With All Virtual Reality Devices?

Whilst the helmet won’t protect you from injuries of the neck, spine, or extremely high impact collisions, it will minimize the severity of head injuries.

Because the helmet is providing an additional layer for the head, it reduces the risk of severe injury by absorbing most of the impact energy.

How Good Is The Audio Quality On The Headphones?

On all of the above listed products the audio quality is the best on the market, allowing you to hear a range of different frequencies with zero delay ensuring the most engrossing experience that you can have while in the virtual reality world. They truly do have great audio quality.

Is Noise Cancellation That Important?

With regards to completely engrossing you within the game landscape, noise cancellation technology provides you with the best experience for that.

Hearing the outside world can distract you from the experience that the virtual reality is providing for you.

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