Best Boxing VR Games

When it comes to maintaining a decent level of fitness, it can sometimes be hard to find an activity that allows you to do so whilst offering a fun time too!

Boxing is an excellent choice of exercise that can be tons of fun whilst giving you a great workout but the possibility of wayward punches that could knock out a tooth or blacken an eye might be a little bit off-putting.

If the reality of boxing is too difficult for you to get into, why not consider boxing in virtual reality?

It offers all of the benefits of boxing without the fear of hurting yourself too badly (as long as you maintain a safe space to use whilst gaming so you don’t run into the wall or destroy the coffee table!). 

With that idea in mind, we are going to be running through some of the best boxing VR games that are on the market at the moment and looking at why they are the best of their kind. Let’s get started!


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The Thrill of the Fight

Developers: Sealost Interactive LLC. 
Released July 1st, 2016

The Thrill of the Fight is a VR game that has earned a stellar reputation during its time on the market. 

The game is known for its realistic depiction of the sport that is boxing, creating a highly immersive sporting experience within the virtual reality platform. 

Movement is a key element of the game, with every single motion being controlled by the player such as maneuvering around your opponent in the ring as well as the usual punching and blocking techniques used in boxing games.

Space is essential and the game acknowledges this, advising that you play in a room-scale environment.


The technicality of the game is based around realism too, opting for a simulation style of gameplay that focuses on defending appropriately and targeting weak spots.

Fights will not be quick and easy like you can sometimes find with boxing games or mini-games. 

Instead, the match acts as a battle of both strength and will against the opponent and will last as long as it takes. There is no story mode and no epic narrative to follow.

Instead, it merely lets the player experience the grueling journey into the world of professional boxing.

One fight follows another and what you have learned in your previous matches will shape how you tackle the next opponent. 

There are also none of the tropes that are common in sports video games, such as gauges that monitor health or stamina.

It is all about you- the player- and your techniques as a boxer. Your character will have your strengths, your weaknesses and will learn as you do.


In regards to the graphics, the game is well polished and maintains a cartoon-like style throughout. This simulation style is sure to appeal to those looking for the boxing experience rather than purely a boxing video game.

The success and achievements of this game- including the good graphics- become all the more impressive when you realize that this entire game was developed by just one man by the name of Ian Fritz.

His game has become one of the best boxing VR games out there, able to truly represent the sport in a detailed and defined manner.

Ian certainly deserves a little more than just a round of applause for his efforts! The Thrill of The Fight is as close as you can get to the real experience of boxing without having to step into the ring.


When it comes to requirements, finding a space large enough to play without hurting yourself (or the area around you!) is probably going to be the biggest issue to tackle.

If you do manage to have a large space to safely play, you should be good to go as long as you have the right equipment.

The Thrill of the Fight is the option for you if you are looking for an immersive boxing simulation that will let you break a sweat whilst experiencing the journey of a fighter into the world of professional boxing.


  • Realistic boxing experience
  • Great for fitness and exercise
  • A genuine challenge


  • No multiplayer or online features
  • Could be difficult for a VR or boxing beginner to get into


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Developers: Survios
Release Date: September 25th, 2018

Whereas The Thrill of the Fight is all about simulating the real boxing experience, Creed: Rise to Glory is quite different. 

Based on the Rocky spin-off movie series Creed, Creed: Rise to Glory is a brilliant take on the boxing game genre that seamlessly integrates VR functions to create a game that is as much a fitness regime as it is a fun title to play.


Creed: Rise to Glory integrates various features that allow the player to keep track of their stats- such as their boxing gloves flashing red when their stamina starts to drain, bruising on the opponents showing their weak spots, or the changes in your fighters breath signaling a change in health- that fit in well with sports game tropes.

There is certainly a more arcade-like nature to Creed rather than simulation but this is no surprise seeing as the game is based on a licensed film franchise.

The fighting mechanics are equally brutal though and do have a sense of realism to them.

If you are knocked down during a fight, you will need to swing your arms as much as you possibly can to get your fighter to stand back up and keep going. 

This is a clever way to replicate the exhausting feeling of having to resume fighting after being knocked down in the ring in a way that is accessible for players to experience within the VR platform.


Throughout the game, you learn proper boxing techniques and formulas too in a way that is easy for players to pick up. On top of that, you also get a story mode for fans of a narrative experience.

This mode only lasts around an hour and it lets you step into the shoes of Creed’s main character Adonis Creed- who the player begins the game as before they unlock other playable fighters.

Fans of both the Rocky series and the Creed series are likely to get a kick out of the game but it is accessible for anyone looking for a boxing game that can also be treated as an exercise method.


Graphics-wise, Creed has some great little details here and there that make it stand out from other VR boxing games.

The gym- where the player will spend their time training- has some great environments that add to the immersive nature. Character models also have some individual designs that go above and beyond what you might expect from a VR game.


One of the coolest features of the game is the player versus player mode where you can hop into an online game against an actual person.

There is no doubt that fighting against another human being rather than a computer- no matter how convincing the computer might be- ups the ante a little, especially if you are the competitive type!

The combination of a realistic boxing game with the arcade aspects of Creed: Rise to Glory- as well as the inclusion of online multiplayer- elevates the VR title and allows it to become one of the best boxing games available to play within virtual reality.


  • Realistic boxing experience 
  • Fun arcade-style 
  • Impressive graphics
  • Innovative mechanics


  • The arcade-style overwhelms the simulation themes, which might be displeasing for those looking for a complete boxing simulation


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Developed by FitXR
Released on May 21st, 2019

Whereas the first two boxing VR games we have talked about have doubled as both games and a way to get in some exercise, BoxVR was created purely as a fitness application. 

It is still a game in the literal sense of the word but there are no story modes, online multiplayer, or characters. It’s just you, your VR headset, and the cardio boxing fitness routines.

If you are a gamer looking for the quintessential “game” experience rather than focusing on a workout, there is still a lot to enjoy here but one of the other boxing VR games on this list might be more suited to your needs.

That being said, BoxVR is one of the best boxing fitness games on the market as it accomplishes the surprisingly difficult task of getting just the right balance when it comes to the various features that are common in a fitness game.


The gameplay of BoxVR is relatively simple and easy to follow, based on learning how to block and punch by utilizing neon blue and pink targets.

You also get to learn some techniques that require your whole body to react, such as dodging to the right and the left and squatting to dodge barriers. 

You get to choose what kind of class you want to get started with and there is a great deal of customization available too to allow you to organize your workout around your other daily activities.

Classes range from beginner to advanced and you can pick your time frame, with ten minutes and under being the shortest routines and 45 minutes and over being the longest.

There is the option for no squats too, which can be handy if you would rather stick to purely punching.

As well as that, there are tons of specifically curated music playlists that give you a variety of funky hip-hop tracks to listen to whilst you exercise.


BoxVR is a pretty intense option and certainly one of the best VR choices if you are looking for a fitness game to get stuck in with. It isn’t particularly a game in the standard definition of the word.

There isn’t a particular structure or a narrative to follow but this is the same as most games that focus on fitness alone.

BoxVR is a great choice if you are looking for an interesting way to change up your exercise routine.


As with the other entries included here, you will need a fair amount of space to get started with BoxVR (the recommended space for Oculus Quest and PC VR games is around 6.5 feet by 6.5 feet but don’t forget to maintain a safe distance from your television set to avoid any expensive mistakes!).

As long as you keep your playing space clear then you are sure to enjoy breaking a sweat with this one.


  • Perfect for those looking to engage in cardio boxing fitness 
  • Great music 
  • A good level of customization when it comes to your workout


  • Pretty much just a fitness and workout title. No actual gameplay as such


Knockout League

Developed by Grab Games
Release on February 13th, 2018

Knockout League is another relatively well-known boxing VR game that is known as one of the better titles.

It features both a fitness element as well as gaming elements that combine to create an immersive virtual reality experience that is as fun as it is likely to become a part of your exercise routine.


As the name suggests, Knockout League- Arcade VR Boxing has an arcade-like structure that focuses on working your way up the ranks of increasingly difficult opponents.

You get the standard basic training and introduction to the game mechanics and controls before you are thrown into your first fight. 

Whilst this might feel a little bit intimidating, the controls for Knockout League are super easy to pick up so you shouldn’t have any problem adapting in a relatively short space of time.

The expected techniques are used, such as raising your hands in front of you to block and punching by using your hands in a pushing motion and throwing them in front of you.

The great thing here is that there is no need to press buttons whilst you act out these movements.

Button pressing isn’t exactly a terrible control method when it comes to VR boxing games but it can sometimes throw you off as you play as it is easy to forget to press the correct button whilst you are performing the movement. 

Knockout League is a VR title that reacts to movement alone so this isn’t something that you have to worry about.


The game adopts a cute, cartoon-like look which is used for both the environments and the characters.

The designs of the characters are all stylized in a cartoon art style that brings some individuality and color to a game genre that can sometimes be relegated to murky color palettes. 

The characters all have their own personalities too, emphasized by their quirky designs such as Iron Maiden (a female boxer who wears iron, spiky armor and has metal plated gloves which seems kind of like cheating), Scurvy Jones, (you guessed it. He is a pirate. He even has a cute parrot companion), and Sir Octopunch (a rather dapper octopus who wears a bowler hat, has a fancy mustache and wears eight boxing gloves- one for each tentacle- which is almost certainly cheating). 

Despite this cartooney exterior, Knockout League can very much be a challenging VR experience. You need to be able to learn your opponent’s maneuvers and perfect the art of timing your moves and your dodges.

If you can’t get these skills down, you are unlikely to advance in the game. Don’t let the cartoon art fool you, this isn’t a boxing game for the faint-hearted as it can very easily leave you out of breath and have you losing your matches if you don’t train, prepare and learn as you go.


When it comes to fitness, you are sure to be able to work up a sweat and burn some calories whilst playing Knockout League.

It will be easier to keep track of exactly how helpful the game is towards your fitness by entering your height and weight into the game.

If you do this, it will then calibrate your measurements and find out how many calories you have burned after eas session.

Knockout League- Arcade VR Boxing allows for a fun and challenging virtual reality boxing experience that utilizes genuinely engaging gameplay with a cartoon style and a cast of cool characters to become one of the best immersive boxing games that virtual reality has to offer.


  • Surprisingly challenging boxing and workout regime 
  • Cartoon art style
  • Characters with personality


  • No online multiplayer


Drunkn Bar Fight

Developed by The Munky
Released on November 28th, 2016

If you are looking for a boxing game/ fighting brawler VR game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is more about having a crazily fun time whilst you play, this is the game for you.

There is no focus on fitness, there is no need to learn any moves or build any stats. It is just rowdy and ridiculous but is still technically a boxing VR title so it qualifies for this list!


Drunkn Bar Fight is- as is to be expected with the concept- the most laid back of all of the games mentioned here but it certainly takes the idea of the boxing and fighting VR game and turns it on its head with its over the top wackiness.

The general setup is super simple. You can pretty much gather all that you need to know from the title alone.

The player gets put into the role of a random, drunken bar patron who comes to face with various other random, drunken bar patrons. 

The goal? Beat the hell out of everyone whilst avoiding getting too beaten up yourself.

As you can tell, the boxing aspect isn’t exactly emphasized with this particular game but due to the punching, beat-em-up nature, it is still very much a title that comes under the boxing category.


One of the best features of this game is the online aspect. The other bar patrons that you come across- and try to beat the ever-living stuffing out of- are real people playing the game too.

This adds another level of fun as it is just so much more satisfying to watch a character go flying across the room, crashing into the wall, and going rag doll when you know that there is an actual person behind the VR headset on the other side of that character model.

The physics of the game are literally out of this world, with no realism to them whatsoever, which makes things even more hectic and insane.

That being said, it also makes things even more hilarious, particularly when you see a fellow bar patron be catapulted into the air with their limbs flailing and bending in impossible ways.


Punching was the only way to fight (alongside hurling items at fellow players) but since its release, there has been an update to Drunkn Bar Fight that supports the Vive tracker.

This has now made it possible for full-body movements to be included, included kicking. This allows for a wider range of fighting techniques and even more ridiculousness.

The game uses magic potions to give the players weird perks, including an Alice in Wonderland themed one that has the bar patrons randomly changing size as they fight.


When it comes to fitness, it might be best to invest in another boxing VR game if that is what you are searching for. That being said, there is no doubt that this game will have you working up something of a sweat.

It’s all about fighting so you find yourself moving rigorously around, throwing punches, and swinging the controllers around vicariously.

The very nature of this game invokes madness and energy and the same can be said for the kind of energy you are going to need to expend to play it.

There is no structure to the fitness side and it’s not explicitly stated, but if you play with the kind of vigor that the game asks for then you are sure to at least feel the benefits a little bit.

There are a lot of quirky features that make Drunkn Bar Fight a very different kind of boxing game but it is a genuinely refreshing take on the genre that focuses on madness and fun in equal doses.

For a boxing VR game that doesn’t take itself too seriously- and would be great to invoke some hilarity during a night in with your friends or family- Drunkn Bar Fight is an excellent choice!


  • A very different take on the boxing game genre.
  • Silly, slapstick fun.
  • Very replayable thanks to the multiplayer element.


  • Not a serious boxing game.
  • Will only have minor benefits to fitness. 


The Fastest Fist

Developed by Beijing Skyline Interaction Technology Co, Ltd.
Released on November 10th, 2016

The Fastest Fist is another boxing VR title that is more about fitness than gameplay and focuses on your form as a boxer.

Whilst beginners are likely to still get a lot of exercise out of this title, it might be best to do a little bit of research into the absolute basics of boxing techniques and the motions of various punches so that you aren’t flying completely blind.

It depends on your commitment to the sport of boxing. If you are just casually looking for an interesting way to mix up your workout, then there is nothing stopping you from jumping straight in.

If you want to learn more about boxing as a whole and get a grasp on the various techniques, some research might be required.


A Bruce Lee lookalike becomes your mentor in The Fastest Fist and he gives you the initial training tutorial that is common with these games.

It’s more of a realistic introduction, initially teaching you the general and basic punches that you need before testing you on what you have learned so far by moving unpredictably and throwing random styles of punches in your direction. 

Not only does it test your knowledge and your memory of what you have just learned, but you also get a nifty lesson in reflexes and instincts too.

Much like BoxVR, the gaming elements of The Fastest Fist leave a lot to be desired as it is very much a boxing simulation. There is no social element, no multiplayer, and no scores to beat on any kind of leaderboard.

It is purely a fitness, workout, and training VR game intended to teach you and help you on the path to becoming a competent boxer. If this is what you are looking for, then The Fastest Fist could be the perfect game for you.


  • Intense boxing training
  • Builds various physical skills such as reflexes as well as boxing ability.
  • The closest you will ever get to getting mentored by Bruce Lee!


  • Not much else to it other than the training elements.
  • No multiplayer. 


Mech League Boxing

Developed by VRGEN
Released on January 10th, 2018

This is another VR boxing title that focuses on the fun aspects of boxing within virtual reality rather than acting as a training sim.


There is actually some backstory to the Mech League Boxing game, which most games of this nature tend to skip because players are only here to box right?

A little bit of world-building and context never goes amiss though, so this is a nice feature for those wanting to immerse themselves within the Mech League world as well as in the fighting elements.

The story is centered on a futuristic world where censorship is prevalent and a communist government reigns.

With so much restriction, people of the world search for a release of some kind. This release comes in the form of robot fighting because, why not?


Mech League Boxing has a similarity to some of the other inclusions on this list in that it focuses on intense cardio workouts whilst you play.

The gameplay focuses on over-the-top robot fighting that translates well to the boxing VR genre, adding another layer of fun to the proceedings. 

Fighting against giant robots with a variety of designs and fighting styles is a little bit different than just going toe to toe with another human after all.

The fighting techniques aren’t exactly in the realms of reality either. 

Well, robot fighting generally isn’t in the realms of any reality that isn’t science fiction related but this is even more so for Mech League Boxing as certain moves take the absurdity levels up several notches, such as a move that involves pies flying in your faces.

Again, this ramps up the fun factor of the game but separates it from some of the more intense, simulation boxing VR games.

There are also some arcade game-style mechanics involved that arent too taxing to pick up, such as a stun meter and a counter punch system.

Again, this shifts the game away from the boxing simulator VR games but Mech League Boxing is just as fun to play as an arcade boxing game.


In terms of graphics, there is a lot to enjoy with Mech League Boxing. The futuristic themes of the game mean that the level design and the environments are all very much created around this theme.

The player travels throughout the universe finding fellow Mech League fighters and so- via all the different planets- there are various, changing environments to see which makes for something a little bit aesthetically different than some of the other boxing VR games on this list.

Mech League Boxing is a great option if you are looking for a casual boxing VR game that incorporates different themes - like science fiction and giant punching robots.

It is also a pretty good workout that can get intense at times depending on the level of the mech that you find yourself up against.

Fun and full of personality, Mech League Boxing is certainly one of the better boxing VR games on the market.


  • An actual story that builds the world in which you are playing 
  • A unique, sci-fi setting 
  • Genuinely challenging at times 
  • Awesome level and character design


  • A little silly for those looking for a more serious style of boxing VR game 
  • No multiplayer 


Virtual Boxing League

Developed by Spellbook
Released on August 16th, 2019

Virtual Boxing League is a virtual reality boxing game that falls in the middle of the purely fun boxing VR and the simulation-style boxing VR.


The player starts in the gym area- as with most of the boxing VR games- where they start by learning the ropes. You can then decide whether you are going to jump into a boxing match or play a mini-game instead.

This is the only game on this list that has the option of mini-games, which is a really fun addition to a standard boxing VR game.

There are five mini-games to choose from Ping Pong Punch, Punch-A-Tron, Bum Rish, Body Bag, and Ball Blaster.

Some of these mini-games involve testing your strength and technique but some are just fun, party-style games that aren’t going to improve your fitness but are still going to offer a good time.

If it is the fitness element that you are most interested in, the boxing itself is the best way to go.

When it comes to boxing alone, you can get in a pretty good workout and increase the difficulty level as you start feeling more confident.

The physics within the game are pretty good, with robust mechanics that emphasize every punch. There is a scoring system in place that gives you more points by getting more hits in on your opponent.

If you get enough points, you can knock out your opponent. A scoring system is always a great way to create an incentive for the player. There is also a star rating at the end of the match which ties into that scoring system.

The star rating takes into consideration various factors in regards to your fight such as whether you were knocked down, if you managed to knock out your opponent any time, how many hits you landed etc. T

he scoring system and the star rating offer a challenge for the players which gives the game both replayability and incentive to keep going, particularly if you are playing to work out.

As you start achieving more stars for lower difficulties, you can then challenge yourself to work your way up through the difficulty rankings.

There are leaderboards and stats that are monitored in Virtual Boxing League but no multiplayer. However, this doesn’t make much of a difference in regards to the gameplay.

The developers have said that they do want to bring multiplayer int to the game at some point down the line though so keep your eyes peeled for that if this is something that you might be interested in.

The perfect fit for someone who is looking for a VR boxing game that is a little less intense than a straight-up simulation but more fitness-focused than the more laid back games, Virtual Boxing League would be a great place to start if you are new to playing boxing games within the virtual reality platform.


  • A good combination of both arcade-style boxing and simulation boxing is more suitable for fitness.
  • Mini-games.
  • Stats, leaderboards, scores, and star ratings for extra incentive.
  • A great starting place for boxing VR beginners.


  • No multiplayer as of yet. 

Best Boxing VR Games Buying Guide

So where do you start when it comes to searching for the right boxing VR game for you?

There are a fair amount of titles available- including the ones we have listed above- so it can be a little bit overwhelming to choose the right game if you haven’t got a great deal of experience with virtual reality, boxing games, or both!

Best Boxing VR Games

The best place to start is to think about what exactly it is that you want to get out of a VR boxing game. Do you want to use it for purely fitness purposes or are you just looking for a fun virtual reality game to play with your friends?

Maybe you want something that is somewhere in between that you can pick up for some fun during downtime but can then use for a workout too.

This list can help you with that as we have discussed which of these games are more like arcade games and which are more similar to boxing simulators but if you would be interested in any other game of this genre, make sure to do your research to consider this before you make a purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Boxing Games In VR Help With Fitness?

Yes! There are certain boxing games purely intended for fitness purposes and don’t have many other video game-like features.

Some boxing games have more of a focus on fun but most certainly have at least some roots that are grounded in providing an interesting platform for exercise. 

Have a look through the VR boxing games that are available- such as those listed above- to find out which ones have more emphasis on learning boxing as a skill or maintaining fitness if this is what you want to get out of the game. 

Can VR Boxing help To Lose Weight?

If used in tandem with maintaining a healthy diet, then yes!

Some games are more intense than others with the exercise that you can do so if weight loss is your main priority when looking for a boxing VR game, consider those that are more aimed at that aspect such as the simulation style games. 

What Is The Best VR Headset For A Boxing Game?

There are a range of VR headsets that you can use but for the games that we have mentioned above, most can be played with a set few: The Oculus Rift or Quest, The Valve Index, the HTC Vive, the PC or the PlayStation VR.

Have a look around before you consider buying a boxing VR game to make sure that the game you choose is compatible with your hardware!

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