Are Ducky Keyboards Good?

Ducky is a manufacturing company based in Taiwan and were made to gift people everywhere with mechanical keyboards. Since the day the company was founded in 2008, they are now known as one of the biggest mechanical keyboard manufacturers in the world.

What makes Ducky’s keyboards so popular is its performance and the way it is built, this in turn earning Ducky a high satisfaction level.

As well as the standard of the mechanical keyboards themselves, Ducky has grown massively as a brand and a company, having made connections with partners in over 30 companies.

It is clear that Ducky takes value in what they do, taking consideration into developing their name as well as creating great quality mechanical keyboards.

Ducky is known for being unique and standing out amongst the other keyboard sellers. In recent years they have learnt to incorporate technology with art, creating amazing artistically designed mechanical keyboards to add an original touch.

By doing things like this, it is a way of being recognized and puts a stamp on their products. Some example mechanical keyboard designs include ‘Year of the Pig’ and ‘Year of the Rat’.

Are Ducky Keyboards Good

The Mechanical Keyboard

Keyboards are a vital part of many people’s lives. We use the keyboard on the go on our laptops, in our studies on the home computer, there are even keyboards on our mobile phones and iPads. Over time the keyboard has changed. 

Unlike back in the day when the keyboard would only consist of your standard QWERTY keys, keyboards on mobile devices now have options of altering the language or adding accents to certain keys. It is safe to say that the keyboard has come a long way.

But what is a mechanical keyboard?

Some people know of the mechanical keyboard very well. Others not so much. The 20th century was the time of the computer and the time of the mechanical keyboard. They were these too-large, bulky contraptions with deep letter and number keys (completely different to what many people are used to now). 

But although the keyboard can be considered “retro”, more people use the mechanical keyboard than you may think.

Who Uses The Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are purchased today for many reasons. Some buy the keyboard as it allows their hands to lay comfortably and become less stiff compared to typing on a laptop keyboard. Others purchase the mechanical keyboard for aesthetic purposes. 

And then you have one of the biggest groups of users – the PC gamers. The reason for PC gamers using the mechanical keyboard is because it is quicker to use and sturdy. They are known to improve a person’s gaming experience and are tactile. 

With the mechanical keyboard, they are made with plastic key switches which lay underneath the keycaps. This allows feedback to be given from the clicking sound when pressing on the keys.

Should I Buy A Ducky Keyboard?

Ducky is widely popular and known by many. The company has skyrocketed to be known as one of the best keyboard manufacturers in the world and are the best in the market.

But is the Ducky keyboard for everyone?

Here are some reasons why you will want to have a Ducky keyboard.


The Ducky keyboard is known for its outstanding high quality. The keyboards made are sturdy and stable and because of this are longer lasting. Keyboards such as the Ducky Shine are great for its strength. 

This particular keyboard has aluminum cases which add weight for stability. It is common for many mechanical keyboard owners to judge a keyboard’s stability and its ability to stay put. With Ducky, you won’t have any issues with lightweight keyboards constantly moving on your desk with every touch.


Another great thing about the Ducky keyboard, and a reason you should consider purchasing from the company, is its ability to be customized. 

Many other keyboard companies offer keyboards with non-standard sized keys, however Ducky’s keys are all standard sized making it an easy task to find a replacement key. As well as this, Ducky provides a variety of ranges of keys, from different colors, different style fonts, and different themes.


Because of the strength and quality of the Ducky keyboard, the keyboards are reliable. It is not often people would find problems with their purchased keyboards and it is known to last long. 

There are a variety of Ducky keyboard models, but the Ducky One 2 RGB is one to think about in terms of reliability, for it comes with plastic keycaps and double-shot keycaps. This is great for durability.

Despite all of this positive feedback towards the Ducky keyboard, there are too some negatives which should be addressed.


Ducky keyboards can be on the pricier side, costing up to five times more than your average keyboard. The reason for its price, however, is because of the work that goes into making the keyboard such high quality. Many extra components and labor goes into the making.


This keyboard does not come with any wireless options, therefore a wired USB is the only way to connect the keyboard to a computer. Depending on the audience this can be positive or negative.

For example, a gamer doesn’t have to worry about this flaw as much as someone who wants the Ducky keyboard for other reasons as well as gaming.

Final Thoughts

So, to answer the main question – are ducky keyboards good? In general, Ducky keyboards are great. They are many people’s go-to and are suited for a wide range of people. 

People from school kids to professional gamers are known to purchase from the Ducky brand and this is because the Ducky keyboard can be trusted. You can be assured that you are getting your money’s worth and that its durability calls for a long-lasting keyboard.

If you are debating between keyboards and are looking for something that is sturdy and well put together, then Ducky is a good choice for you. 

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